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Warranty Policy

  1. North American Attachments, herein referred to as "NAA," warranty covers normal wear and tear of any product manufactured in our warehouse.
  2. If warranty issues occur within 180 days of receiving product NAA will be responsible for covering cost to fix any and all issues as well as freight to receive the product back and freight to customer after warranty issues are completed.
    1. In the event that the product is received, and warranty is not actually covered, customer shall reimburse NAA for the cost of freight.
    2. If warranty is not covered, customer is also responsible for scheduling pick up and covering cost of shipping the product from NAA back to customer if they so choose.
    3. NAA reserves the right to HOLD product until reimbursement has been made.
  3. If warranty issues occur outside of 180 days but inside the one year from date of receiving, customer shall pay for the cost of shipping to get it to NAA warehouse and back to them, but NAA will cover all costs of repairs.
    1. In the event that the product is received and warranty is not actually covered, Customer is responsible for covering the cost of repairs and all freight costs associated with shipping and receiving.
    2. NAA reserves the right to hold said product until payment is received.
  4. General disclaimer - all warranty is upon the discretion of NAA and will be looked at by our team.
  5. Unless otherwise stated in writing by authorized personal of NAA, NAA charges a weekly storage fee of $100 that begins one week after customer was notified that it was ready to ship. After 3 weeks, NAA retains ownership and reserves the right to sell as inventory item.

OCTOBER 4, 2021

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